Quetty Cuffs set


Here it is! Do you dream about pink? You can have it now:) We present you a brand new set of products in beautiful pink color. Now available in stock.

Pink Leather Wrist and Thighs Cuffs Set. With this set, your partner will experience an unrepeatable feeling of submission. High-quality, comfortable and yet very firm handcuffs are perfect for your sinful games. Large solid buckle and metal rings ensure an intense experience of being handcuffed. The handcuffs have large metal loops and two ring-shaped carabiners.

If the size of the handcuffs does not suit you, please left us your wrist and thigh details in the note at checkout. We will be happy to adjust the product to suit you.

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Our products are made by hand with an unrivaled, distinctive style. Only the highest quality Czech leather is chosen for our craftsmanship that is run with love and care. This is the part of the handmade process that makes our products unique.

Doesn’t fit? Would you like to adjust the product to meet your needs? Let us know and we will sort it out together.

Additional information


Black, Pink

Wrist circumference

11 – 24 cm

Thigh circumference

43 – 59 cm

Handcuffs width

5 cm

Thigh cuffs width

4 cm


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