About Leather Secrets

Let us introduce ourselves. Our project, Leather Secrets, was born out of a desire to offer a product that is perfectly handcrafted, interesting, and high in quality, while at the same time unconventional, erotic and decadent. Although this idea was in our minds for ages, we took the first steps of our journey in 2020.

Our mission is to deliver products that we love to use so our clients are satisfied and excited to use them too.

We are a small, Prague-based company that had nine products when we first launched. We are constantly designing more unique and sensuous items for you.

If there is anything your heart desires to see in our portfolio, please share your wish with us. We take every idea into account and we strongly believe our cooperation will lead to wonderful products. Let’s work together to make a unique item for you.

We decided to do things a bit differently. We want you to feel special every time you unwrap your Leather Secret. To make you smile we offer luxury dark gift wrapping.

We strongly believe that our “toys” will join you for many unforgettable parties with your friends or electrifying moments with your partner.

We want you to feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

“Ugly women don’t exist. Only those that don’t know how to make themselves beautiful”